The Haunted Castle & Black Forest have been in operation every fall since 1980. Located on 8965 Auburn Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the Haunted Castle and Black Forest is maintained and operated by youth and adults with the St Vincent’s Boy Scouts – Troop 2, Varsity Team 6402, and Venture Crew 2802.

Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and American Heritage Girls from around the area also volunteer their time to help.

In 2010, the Haunted Castle moved into a new two story building adjacent to the St Vincent Scout Lodge. The Haunted Castle consists of many haunt scenes and two slides.

The Black Forest is an outdoor haunt winding through the woods on a gravel trail along the Beckett’s Run Creek. It takes approximately 30 minutes to walk through each haunt. Visitors may purchase individual tickets or a combination ticket that provides admission to both venues.

This place is Disney quality. WOW!
— Steve Russell, Customer, Google Review